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What We Do
We are a multi-brand technology solutions provider to public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, trade, retail and distribution, telecom, transportation and automotive, banking and finance, government and education organizations.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for people who work hard, work smart, and work together. We especially want people who can bring new perspectives to ViewTech, giving us a strong, diverse team across race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, country of origin, and pizza topping preference.

Open Positions

Applications/Software Development

These Business Analyst Positions require the following skillsets:

  • Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business systems and user needs.

  • Formulates systems top overall business strategies.

  • Experienced with business process reengineering and identifying new applications of technology to business problems to make business more effective.

  • Familiar with industry standard business process mapping, and reengineering.

  • Prepares solution options, risk identification, and financial analyses such as cost/benefit, ROI, buy/build, etc.

  • Writes detailed description of user needs, program functions, and steps required to develop or modify computer programs.

Business Analyst Level 1
1-3 years experience in field or related area.

Business Analyst Level 2

4-7 years experience in field or related area.

Business Analyst Level 3

8+ years experience in field or related area.

Tableau Developer / Programmer Analyst - Level 3

8+ years experience in field or related area.


Summary Job Description:

  • Collecting business dashboard requirements by establishing themes, epics, user stories, and features that make up the product backlog. 

  • Developing a complex Tableau dashboard and training the existing internal staff for future work. 

  • Dashboard mockup development and user validation. 

  • Collaborates with other members of the Team on the design and implementation of optimal data design to support a Tableau reporting system. 

  • Experience with publishing internal and external dashboards to the organization and a demonstrated understanding of the architecture involved. 

  • Experience working with all levels of an organization, along with the ability to collaborate and present at the executive level (regarding dashboards). 

  • Project management expertise to structure work, timelines, and lead a team along with the soft skills to appropriately set stakeholder expectations.

  • Teaming with a variety of stakeholders and resources.

ViewTech Software Developer Level 2

4-7 years experience in field or related area.


Summary Job Description:

  • Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs.

  • Testing and evaluating new programs.

  • Working closely with other developers, UX designers, business and systems analysts.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Summary Job Description:

  • Work with Business Customers, Section Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and team members in a professional and collaborative manner to define strategies, implementation approaches and provide creative solutions to complex problems.

  • Create well-designed, documented, and tested software solutions that meet strict availability, concurrency and low latency requirements.

  • Turn high-level requirements into a working system through iterative and incremental development.

  • Identify and address product bugs, deficiencies, and performance bottlenecks in a timely manner.

  • Perform full-stack development using React.js

  • Write web frontends that meet WCAG 2.0 Standards and 508 Compliance/Web Accessibility requirements

  • Work with relational databases, including SQL Server and Oracle.

  • Write T-SQL scripts that store and query relational data, including joining and grouping.

  • Perform in-depth code reviews and analysis

  • Write unit tests using Jest, Enzyme

  • Write automated tests using Selenium

  • Write Webpack configuration files

  • Develop processes and procedures for Application Services.

  • Stay abreast of current technologies, industry standards and best practices

  • Be productive working independently or in a team environment (both local and remote) with minimal supervision. 

  • Knowledge of DevOps concepts and methodologies

  • Knowledge of OWASP Top Ten

  • Knowledge of software development methodologies and frameworks, including Agile and Scrum

SAS Server Administrator

Summary Job Description:

  • Install, configure, and manage SAS software in AWS cloud. 

  • Create detailed SAS architectural diagrams, Installation Guides, and Runbooks necessary for operational management of SAS software. 

  • Work with security team in creating a System Security Plan to harden the installation. 

  • Monitor, tune, and scale SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Data Preparation, and SAS Data Mining based on usage. 

  • Address non-functional requirements such as scalability, high availability, performance, disaster recovery, and reliability. 

  • Automate monitoring and incident response to the extent possible through scripting. 

  • Onboard users to the environment, educate them on best practices, help troubleshoot and resolve issues. 

Software Developer - Education Sector

Summary Job Description:

  • Design for modifications and enhancements for the Educator Certification Online System (ECOS).

  • Development of software modifications and enhancements including automated unit test cases integrated in the ECOS System.

  • Sql Server stored procedure and trigger performance tuning of existing processes within the ECOS System.

  • Conversion of Websphere/Java programs to .Net.

Senior Salesforce Developer Client Encounter System

Summary Job Description:

  • Will require hands-on experience programming applications and web-services based on the industry’s leading open source platforms and cloud-based technologies. 

  • Development and experience with Agile (Scrum) methodologies. 

  • Will require documentation of the solutions, analysis, problem resolution, design, development, communication with other team members and participation in solution delivery. 

  • Supports applications in multiple environments with coding testing, peer reviews, documentation, defect root cause analysis, and troubleshooting as required. 

  • Available for on-call support as needed. 

Information Security Manager

Summary Job Description:

  • Design, build and implement enterprise-class security systems for a production environment.

  • Align standards, frameworks and security with overall business and technology strategy.

  • Design security architecture elements to mitigate threats as they emerge.

  • Create solutions that balance business requirements with information and cyber security requirements.

  • Identify security design gaps in existing and proposed architectures and recommend changes or enhancements.

  • Develop/integrate cybersecurity designs for systems and networks with multilevel security requirements or requirements for the processing of multiple classification levels of data. 

  • Employ secure configuration management processes. 

  • Identify and prioritize critical business functions in collaboration with organizational stakeholders. 

  • Perform security reviews, identify gaps in security architecture, and develop a security risk management plan. 

  • Provide advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes. 

  • Develop a system security context, a preliminary system security Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and define baseline system security requirements in accordance with applicable cybersecurity requirements. 

  • Write detailed functional specifications that document the architecture development process. 

  • Develop enterprise architecture or system components required to meet user needs.

Java Web Developer

Summary Job Description:

  • Java, JavaScript, HTML, JSP custom tags, IDE (Eclipse, ORM), Hibernate, SQL, Framework (Spring MVC), Application Sever (WebLogic), Reporting (Velocity), Libraries (jQuery, JSTL, Log4j, Dojo).

  • Must be self-directed, should possess strong communication skills, must be able to communicate effectively with IT management as well as business area experts, and should have experience working both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

  • Design, create and maintain users, roles, security settings, profiles, workflows, workflow rules, and assignment rules.

  • Develop an architectural approach to meet key business objectives.

  • Translate business requirements into detailed technical specifications and perform the build activities to deliver a solution from the design stage to a functional application.

  • Utilize analysis and diagramming tools to represent business processes.



— Kel Majors, Graphic Consultant, Marketing

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