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Know no bounds. All the tools you need, right at your fingertips.

X Series are designed to make your meetings more effective. With two cameras, a microphone array and speakers, all seamlessly integrated into the interactive display – just walk in and get your meeting started. No hassle, just productivity.

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Featuring InGlass technology with Intelligent Touch

As natural as writing on paper, but better. Experience not only silky smoothness but also intelligence. The X Series’ intelligent touch can recognize if you are using a pen or your fingers to write and switch pen tools automatically.

Optically bonded 4K display to redefine clarity

Optical bonding gives you an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle. No matter where you sit in the room, the image is robust and clear.


Share your screen and files— wirelessly and effortlessly

Don’t waste precious time plugging and unplugging cables. Cast your screen wirelessly to share your work or start a presentation, all with the click of a button.

Technology and elegance, together at last.
Check out these Success Stories.

TRUTOUCH from Newline has significantly improved communication with our clients. The more
clear our communication, the stronger relationships we build to grow our business.




Express Yourself in the Digital Workspace

Audio without an echo or background noise and natural video angles, all aspects needed to truly express yourself in a meeting. Now, an opportunity to do this all on your desktop with intuitive touch for seamless writing.

Newline has developed an all-new concept that enables you to communicate naturally in the digital workspace. A product that will revolutionize the way you do everything.




ViewTech is excited to offer newline products.

Take a look at a few of the most popular items.

If you would like to discuss any other options along with this offer please let  your CSR know your needs.

RS+ Series

Interactive Touch Display


The new RS+ Series brings you all the versatility of the original RS Series but with enhanced specs that bring you faster, more impressive collaboration.


The RS+ Series works in your world.

NT Series

Non Touch Display

Bring your presentations and lessons to life on a commercial-grade display in vivid 4K resolution. Focus on just the tools you need to succeed without paying more for features you won’t use.

Streamlined innovation.

Simple is often best. The NT Series, a new non-touch display, brings you everything you need for presentations, wireless casting, and sharing files and videos. Have everything you want on a bright, vivid display without paying for more features that your organization doesn’t need.


We bring years of experience to help you design, orchestrate and manage your technological environments and maximize business outcomes. We can help you find that obscure niche specialty product solutions.

Specialization: Software procurement, implementation and support, Database Management, Firewalls and Security, Operations, Cloud Based Services, Hardware procurement and deployment, Computers and Peripherals, Digital Signage and Video Walls, Telecommunications and Networking

100% women-owned business with WBE, Texas HUB, and WOSB certifications.

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